Harbury Folk Club started in September 1984 and has been going strong ever since, providing a monthly venue for acoustic music.

We meet at 8pm on the first Thursday of every month, at Harbury Village Club.  

We always have loads of performers so a packed and varied night is guaranteed, with more than a little humour.  Anyone can have a go — songs, tunes, dances, readings or any other performance in reasonably good taste — and there is often a theme for each evening.  Mega-stars are always welcome, but so are complete novices, and all performers get the same fee (£0).

A team of eight individuals or couples take it in turns to compere the sessions in their own individual styles.  Entry is always free (but contributions to a charity raffle are warmly encouraged).  For more information, see the Folk Club website www.tinyurl.com/harburyfolkclub or send an e-mail to Peter at: HarburyFolkClub@gmail.com.